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wp_headerThanks for stoping by! Take a look around and view some of my work. If you like what you see and are looking for some design work, just drop me an email.

I currently live in Las Vegas NV working for Canyon Ridge Christian Church. I’ve been married to Kristen just over 4 years now and we have two sweet girls Emery (3) and Falyn (6 months). I grew up in Kentucky (go CATS!) and worked at a church in Indiana for 3 years prior to my move to Vegas. I have a degree in art from Murray University where I spent a lot of my time in the design lab as well as the photography lab. I consider photography more of a hobby for me but I have been hired for portrait work, and find myself often doing product shots for clients.

I specialize in print design and layout. I can do some illustraton and dabble here and there with web design. I have a lot of experience with non-profits and religous organizations, but have a few secular clients as well.

This is primarily where I live on the web, a lot of my freelance comes through personal contacts, but maybe one day I’ll buy some space out there and have a more substantial site. This is sufficient for now.

Again, thanks for visiting and happy browsing!

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